What You Get

We supply our Quality Yearling Beef packs in 4 size options.

  • Quarter Side Beef Pack (minimum 15kg) @ $20.95 per kilogram
  • Half Side Beef Pack (minimum 30kg) @ $14.95 per kilogram
  • Full Side Beef Pack (minimum 60kg) @ $13.95 per kilogram
  • Variety Pack. (minimum 15kg), with either a Full or Half Lamb @ $18.15 per kilogram.

The full side pack is great if you have a big family and good sized freezer. Or for sharing with your family, friends and/or a neighbour.

Also Available - Lamb with Full Side and Half Side Beef Packs!

  • Full Lamb (14-20 kilogram) @ $14.50 per Kilogram
  • Half Lamb (7-10 kilogram)  @ $14.50 per Kilogram

Note: Lamb only available with purchase of Beef packs.

YOU get the extra saving of buying in bulk!!!

The pack weights will vary due to different body sizes, but you will be notified of the final weight and costs of your pack the evening prior to delivery.

The full side of beef may vary in weight by up to 5kg and Beef half sides of beef may vary by up to 3kg. Our price per kilo reflects a true meat only price. The meat is sealed in individual cryovac packs before pricing, so you don't end up paying for all the bones. Our bones are FREE, if required for pets or soup and stock.

In a Half side Beef pack, you will receive approximately:

Sirloin/Porterhouse Steak 2.0kg
Eye-Fillet Steak (Whole or Steaks) 0.7kg
Rump Steak 2.0kg
Scotch Fillet (Whole or Steaks) 1.3kg
Topside Roast 3.0kg
Beef Spare Ribs 1.0kg
Oyster Blade Sliced 0.6kg
Silverside (Roast of Corned) 3.0kg
Blade Steak/Bolar (Sliced or Roast) 1.8kg
Stewing Steak (Diced) 2.0kg
Gravy Beef 0.7kg
Osso Bucco 2.0kg
Schnitzel 1.5kg
Stir Fry 0.7kg
Premium Beef Mince 5.5kg
Beef Sausages (Gluten Free) 3.75kg

Halve for the Quarter Side Beef Pack (15kg), and double for the Full Side Beef Pack (60kg).
*Single 15 kilo packs may incur a delivery charge if outside our prescribed delivery run of the day. The Quarter Side of Quality Aged Yearling Beef will have all the cuts of a half side. All choices will be sliced & the silverside corned.

We offer our VARIETY PACK which consists of a Quarter Side of Quality Aged Yearling Beef with either a Half or Full Lamb @ $18.15 per kilogram.

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