Our Beef

We have a very close relationship with our animals from birth (conception to consumption). We have total control over their rearing and personally deliver them to our local, licensed abattoirs, to ensure a stress free transition from the paddock to processing. Thus we are able to supply well finished animals, of a consistently superior eating quality and taste. We use licensed local butchers to bone and prepare the meat, and cryovac (vacuum sealed to retain the goodness of the meat and further the tenderising process) into suitable meal sized packs for your convenience.

Buying your meat in bulk directly from our farm, will enable you to enjoy quality and significant savings, avoiding the higher prices of supermarkets and their unreliable standard of quality.

We pride ourselves on the superior taste of our farm meat. It tastes better naturally, plus is tender and cooks beautifully.

Results are, our meat is better for you.

How much freezer room is required?
A half side pack (30kg) will take up the same amount of room as 8 loaves of bread. If you refrigerate the week's requirement on delivery, and freeze the rest, you will need even less room.

How long will the meat last?
As the meat is in vacuum sealed (cryovac) packs, except sausages, it can last refrigerated for 4-5 weeks & in excess of 12 months in the freezer without any freezer burn.

How long does a half side pack (30kg) last?
A family of four eating beef 3 times a week will take 12 weeks to finish the pack.

How often do you have deliveries?
At present we deliver every 5 to 6 weeks. When demand requires, we will deliver more often.

When do you deliver?
Our next delivery will be, from mid morning through to early evening. We will let you know the week before, what the approximate time of delivery will be.

How do we pay?
We accept bank transfer (receipt on delivery of meat) or COD.

Fresh, Tender Meat - Fresh from the Farm
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